As we countdown to election day

We will be sharing a new story every day about Robert Luna that the media isn’t covering. Stay tuned to hear 12 stories for the next 12 days about the Real Robert Luna, the establishment’s choice for Sheriff, and you’ll hear the truth they do not want you to know.

Reason #4

He says he’s a reformer. He’s lying.

In 1988, LB police brutally beat Galen Ball, an African American returning from a prayer meeting. Galen’s head required 50+ stitches. Luna was one of the arresting officers. The city agreed to a $650,000 settlement.

Reason #5

He says he’s anti-racist. He’s lying.

Luna not only let a racist drawing of a noose unpunished, but he also outed the whistle-blower and promoted then known racists. Why did Luna tolerate racism, again and again?

Reason #6

He says he’s anti-racist. He’s lying.

Luna did not punish racist attacks against LBPD’s lone helicopter pilot, an African American man with 30 years’ service. This includes a banana peel being left on their car. The pilot has now sued the department. Why did Luna tolerate racism?

Reason #7

He says he stands with LGBTQ+ people. He’s lying.

In 2016, a Los Angeles County Judge strongly rebuked Luna’s department for conducting sting operations targeting gay men cruising for companionship. Why did Luna let this happen?

Reason #8

He says he’s anti-racist. He’s lying.

In 2015, Luna promoted Michael Beckman to Deputy Chief. Years before, Beckman put a pic of President Obama on his trash can, then triumphantly showed it off to his staff. Why did Luna promote a racist?

Reason #9

He says he’s pro-immigrant. He’s lying.

Despite a city ordinance against the practice, Luna’s department shared license plate tracking data with ICE, allowing them to hunt down immigrants.  Why did Luna defy his own city’s law?

Reason #10

He says he’s transparent. He’s lying.

In 2018, just as a state transparency law was about to come into effect, Luna directed his department to shred internal investigations from the past 23 years.  What was Luna hiding?

Reason #11

He says he’s transparent. He’s lying. ​

For 4 years under Luna’s leadership, Long Beach Police Dept. officers used a texting app that deleted messages. Luna himself sent 4,000 self-deleting messages. What was Luna hiding?

Reason #12

He says he’s a progressive. He’s lying.

As Long Beach became more and more diverse, over 20 years Luna never once promoted an African American womanNot once.  Why did Luna refuse to promote so many qualified officers?

The city is 12% African American.  Rank and file police are just 1% African American women.  Of the command staff of 145 people, there are zero African American women.